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3. Citizen Kid
3. Citizen Kid

Presented by The Vancouver Writers Fest 

Katie Smith Milway, Margriet Ruurs

This year, Margriet Ruurs and Katie Smith Milway present new books that will inspire children to be better global citizens. The Elephant Keeper tells the true story of a Zambian boy raised to view elephants as dangerous to humans and their crops, until he rescues a baby elephant from drowning. In The Banana Leaf Ball, Deo is an orphan in a Tanzanian refugee camp where bullies form gangs and steal what they can. When a coach gathers all the camp’s children together to play soccer, those who were afraid of one another begin to laugh together. These two committed children’s authors show kids how everyone plays a role in environmental stewardship and can find common ground in unexpected places.


Studio 1398
1398 Cartwright St.

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: $17
: $15
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: $15
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Studio 1398
10/17/2017 10:00 AM