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44. To Be or Not To Be?
44. To Be or Not To Be?

Presented by The Vancouver Writers Fest

Britt Wray in conversation Wayne Grady

For the first time, our species—which has done so much to condemn other species to oblivion—may be poised to bring at least some of them back. Science storyteller, radio broadcaster and PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen, Britt Wray is currently focused on the ethics as well as the environmental and legal questions around de-extinction. What happens when you try to recreate a woolly mammoth—fascinating science or conservation catastrophe? Wray takes us deep into the minds and labs of some of the world’s most progressive thinkers to find out. Huge opportunities for research and conservation are made possible by this new field, but Wray also tells us cautionary tales that remind us de-extinction comes with as many dangers as possibilities.


Waterfront Theatre
1412 Cartwright Street

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Waterfront Theatre
10/19/2017 1:00 PM