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48. How Close Can You Get?
48. How Close Can You Get?

Presented by The Vancouver Writers Fest

Andrew O'Hagan, Diego Enrique Osorno
Moderator: Laura Lynch

Mexican journalist Diego Enrique Osorno was so determined to write a biography of the world’s second richest man—Carlos Slim—that he collected 400 rejections for interviews during the eight years of the project. “I learned you have to proceed calmly in the land of power,” says Osorno. Man Booker Prize nominee Andrew O’Hagan was commissioned to ghostwrite Julian Assange’s autobiography, then wrote about that failed endeavour as part of The Secret Life, detailing the porousness between genius and madness. Five years ago Assange seemed to be a hero to some, but his arrogance and paranoia made the ghostwriting impossible. Portraits of the powerful are fraught with trouble, and you’ll want to hear the stories that these two seasoned writers tell about their quests for honesty, not flattery.

Studio 1398
1398 Cartwright Street

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Studio 1398
10/19/2017 6:00 PM