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56. Out Of Character
56. Out Of Character

Presented by The Vancouver Writers Fest

Claire Cameron, Wayne Johnston, Linden MacIntyre, Kathleen Winter
Moderator: Mark Medley

The Canadian caricature we all know is polite and self-effacing: we don’t make a fuss. Not a great template for fictional characters. Thankfully, none of the characters who inhabit the new novels by these four Canadian authors are caricatures in any way. Wayne Johnston’s novel is peopled by larger-than-life characters, including the boozy giantess Sheilagh Fielding, who first showed up in his Colony of Unrequited Dreams. Kathleen Winter reimagines eighteenth-century British General James Wolfe as a present-day shell-shocked war veteran. Linden MacIntyre gradually reveals the mysterious character of Pierre, whose past in Lebanon is a surprise to all who thought they knew him. And Claire Cameron vividly brings to life a pregnant Neanderthal girl desperate to survive. You’ll be intrigued to meet these interesting characters.

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1218 Cartwright Street

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Performance Works
10/20/2017 10:00 AM