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62. Magnetic Mysterious North
62. Magnetic Mysterious North

Presented by The Vancouver Writers Fest

Ken McGoogan, Ed O'Loughlin

The search for the Northwest Passage. Franklin. Parry. Mutineers casting Hudson adrift. For centuries, the mysterious lure of the North has fascinated explorers and writers alike. Two fine authors discuss that fascination, historically and personally. Ten years ago, Ed O’Loughlin knew that one day he would write fiction set in the Arctic and “characters who braved the cold unknown and did not return from it.” Minds of Winter is the result. For years, non-fiction author Ken McGoogan has felt the pull of the North. Every summer, he voyages in the Northwest Passage as a resource historian. Four of his 12 books have been bestsellers about Arctic exploration. His latest, Dead Reckoning, is his vivid recasting of history that, this time, includes the Inuit.

Studio 1398
1398 Cartwright Street

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Studio 1398
10/20/2017 1:00 PM