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66. Portrait of a Marriage
66. Portrait of a Marriage

Presented by The Vancouver Writers Fest

Gurjinder Basran, Fanny Britt, Karen Connelly, Kate Hilton
Moderator: Timothy Taylor

Marriage: secure safety net or tangled net for imprisonment? These two extremes, and the myriad configurations in between, are rich soil for writers. Four Canadian writers turn their attention to marriage this evening. Gurjinder Basran’s novel travels between India and Canada as Simran, faced with the disintegration of her marriage, struggles to make sense of her world. Fanny Britt paints a complex portrait of a woman trying to weigh whether to disrupt her family life for life with an old flame. Karen Connelly creates a happily married but sexually unsatisfied mother who is surprised to find herself in an affair with another woman. Kate Hilton’s  character struggles to balance the demands of three husbands: past, present and might-as-well-be. Bring your spouse to this event—there’ll be plenty to discuss afterwards.

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Revue Stage
10/20/2017 6:00 PM