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71. Plentiful Portraits
71. Plentiful Portraits

Presented by The Vancouver Writers Fest

Nicola Lagioia, Jon McGregor, Maile Meloy, Alison Pick
Moderator: Charles Foran

A simple, traditional plot often features a single protagonist and some supporting characters to keep moving things along. These novels are not that. These fictions take a wide cast of memorable characters, and weave a web between them that reflects on a larger society. Maile Meloy gives us a panoply of nearly 20 characters, and you’ll remember each of them in her culturally savvy thriller. Jon McGregor’s portrait of the aftermath of a tragedy takes an omniscient view, like the eye of a hawk circling over each of the villagers attempting to go on with their lives. Nicola Lagioia won Italy’s Strega Prize for his cinematic portrait of the moral and political corruption of an entire society. And Alison Pick’s band of Jewish pioneers brings the harsh reality of 1921 Palestine to life.

Granville Island Stage
1585 Johnston Street

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Granville Island Stage
10/21/2017 10:30 AM