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93. Writing Now
93. Writing Now


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 The Vancouver Writers Fest

We're sorry - this event is close to selling out! But we've added a new event with Margaret Atwood on Sunday Oct 22 at 5pm - event
#94 Margaret Atwood in Conversation with Hal Wake.
If you'd like to see Andrew O'Hagan, he also has a solo event #86. An Intimate Evening with Andrew O'Hagan.

Margaret Atwood, Andrew O'Hagan

Host: John Freeman

We live in turbulent times—how’s that for an understatement? But that sentiment seems particularly acute looking at our world, whose very existence, some would say, hangs in the balance. How does the fragile state of things affect the role of the writer? Is it incumbent on writers to increase their engagement with politics or social issues? Can writers help us see our problems more clearly and point us toward solutions? These are just some of the questions our distinguished guests, Man Booker Prize-winner Margaret Atwood and three-time Man Booker prize nominee Andrew O’Hagan will wrestle with in the finale to our thirtieth anniversary Festival. The thoughtful, passionate conversation that starts here will surely continue long after the applause.

Presented with Penguin Random House Canada.

Granville Island Stage
1585 Johnston Street

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Granville Island Stage
10/22/2017 8:00 PM