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14. Can't Look Away
14. Can't Look Away

The Vancouver Writers Fest presents


Moderator: Robert Wiersema

For thriller fans, the biggest secret is often how the genre’s seasoned storytellers create their page-turning late-night tales. Three award-winning mystery writers share their approach to the craft… and some of the scenes in their anticipated new titles. Michael Robotham’s The Other Wife features a son summoned to his father’s hospital bedside where he finds a distraught woman not his mother. New York Times–bestselling Liz Nugent asks what caused a seemingly normal man to suddenly become a violent abuser in Unravelling Oliver. On the heels of the bestselling I’m Thinking of Ending Things, currently in film production with Charlie Kauffman, Iain Reid shares Foe: a psychological mind-bender about a married couple, Junior and Hen, and their unexpected visitor. Prepare for shivers of anticipation, dread and delight.

Tuesday, October 16 at8:30pm
Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright Street

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