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19. Homes
19. Homes


The Vancouver Writers Fest presents


Abu Bakr al Rabeeah
immigrated to Canada to escape the Syrian war. Once settled in Edmonton, he told stories to his teacher, writer Winnie Yeung, which highlighted the heartbreaking juxtaposition between war and childhood. Such experiences are shared in Homes: A Refugee Story, which has been described as “one of those rare books that manages to find humanity in the inhumane.” al Rabeeah offers an honest, uplifting discussion—youth to youth—about what life is really like in one of the most infamous and devastated countries in the modern world, while both student and teacher share how they developed a remarkable bond and a remarkable book.

Suitable for grades 8-12 and adults.

Wednesday, October 17 at 10:15am
Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street

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$15 - Youth (Under 30)

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Presented in collaboration with Blue Met as part of the My Roots project.