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22. All Roads Lead to Writing

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Bestselling author Joe Ide (IQ) never liked school but, when unsure what career to pursue, he became a teacher. That was until he discovered screenplays and novels. Award-winning writer and musician Dave Bidini (Midnight Light) first began writing through his passion for rock music, interviewing bands he admired. Billy-Ray Belcourt (This Wound Is a World), Kate Harris (Lands of Lost Borders) and Sarah Selecky (Radiant Shimmering Light) likely didn’t realize what celebrated talents they would become when penning their first works. Each share reflections of first jobs and their journey to the writing life. Their conversation offers an original perspective on the age-old question “What should I be?” and underlines that while we may not know what our careers will be, passion is paramount for both good writing and good living.

Suitable for grades 8-12 and adults.

Wednesday, October 17 at 1pm
Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright Street

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Waterfront Theatre
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Wednesday, October 17
1:00 PM