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28. The Lives of Girls & Women
28. The Lives of Girls & Women

The Vancouver Writers Fest presents
28. The Lives of Girls & Women


Moderator: Claudia Casper

Relationships between are affirming, complex and life-giving. Four exceptional female storytellers explore and celebrate just that in this must-see event.

The relationships we interweave with women as women are affirming, complex, life-giving. The deep histories of shared secrets and experiences with mothers, sisters, cousins, friends become enmeshed with our sense of self, as demonstrated in these novels—four of the hottest books of 2019 and already tipped for award lists. Mona Awad’s spellbinding Bunny shares ever familiar woes of close friendships in an unexpected form; Nazanine Hozar’s Aria has been praised by literary heavyweights from John Irving to Margaret Atwood for its haunting depiction of motherhood; Alix Ohlin delves into a poignant portrait of two sisters in the luminous Dual Citizens; and Laisha Rosnau’s Little Fortress asks how female bonds can be cemented and tested in isolation. Bring your favourite women for an evening that celebrates just that.

Wednesday, October 23 at 8:30pm
Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright St

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