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29. Writing the Edge of the World
29. Writing the Edge of the World

The Vancouver Writers Fest presents
29. Writing the Edge of the World


Moderator: Caroline Adderson

Two decorated Canadian authors test the limits of humanity in riveting new books on survival and the revelations that develop out of extreme circumstances.

Fiction allows us to travel widely, and these three Canadian literary titans have set their new novels in locations that test the limits of humanity. In Michael Crummey’s riveting The Innocents, two siblings are orphaned in a northern Newfoundland cove, cut off from the world, where they endure a heartbreaking and exhilarating fight for survival. Based on true events, Joan Thomas’ incisive and wrenching Five Wives explores what happens after the wives of five evangelical Christian missionaries are suddenly widowed in the rainforests of Ecuador, but choose to continue their husbands’ work. And in Marina Endicott’s The Difference two sisters voyage aboard a merchant ship sailing in the South Pacific in 1912. In a critical and luminous discussion, Crummey, Endicott and Thomas unpack what drew them to write about such extreme circumstances and what they teach us about tenuous bonds we all share.

Wednesday, October 23 at 8:30pm
The NEST, 1398 Cartwright St

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