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39. Epic Squad
39. Epic Squad

The Vancouver Writers Fest presents
39. Epic Squad


An uproarious introduction to a whole new generation of off-the-wall heroes with two hilarious authors of beloved, smash-hit Scholastic series The Almost Epic Squad.

You’ve never seen superpowers like these before. Exposed to a mysterious element at birth, thirteen years later four teenagers have developed strange abilities, including snot golems and artistic shapeshifting. Now, these unexpected heroes must think creatively and use their almost-epic powers to save Dimly, Manitoba and the world. A smash hit series full of daring exploits, friendship and laughter, beloved Scholastic authors Ted Staunton and Kevin Sylvester take kids behind these off-the-wall adventures. In addition to sharing uproarious stories and engaging illustrations, they’ll invite audiences to think about their own abilities in new ways—making for a completely epic afternoon.

Suitable for grades 4-6.

Thursday, October 24 at 1:00pm
Revue Stage, 1601 Johnston St

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$20 - Regular
$18 - Members/Seniors
$15 - Youth (under 30)

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