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45. Politics & Prose
45. Politics & Prose

The Vancouver Writers Fest presents
45. Politics & Prose


Moderator: David Ebner

In a world of increasing threats, what possibilities do these urgent crises present to fiction—and what is the author’s responsibility in addressing inequity? Three bestsellers discuss.

Our political systems are broken. We’re inundated with threats of civil unrest and ecological collapse; issues made more pertinent and perilous by ever-increasing class divides. What possibilities do these urgent crises present to fiction? What are the author’s responsibilities when addressing inequity? Formidable voices Michael Christie (Greenwood), Joanne Ramos (The Farm) and Nazanine Hozar (Aria) reflect on their new works, each a powerful interrogation of how these contentious issues affect every level of our society. In keen conversation, they speak to the possibilities for fiction to share crucial perspectives, hold a mirror up to the public and suggest new courses of action at a time when we need them most.

Presented in partnership with Penguin Random House Canada.

Thursday, October 24 at 8:30pm
Revue Stage, 1601 Johnston St

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