Vancouver Writers Fest

49. Three-Degrees-from-Normal

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Moderator: Claudia Casper

A North American metropolis held quarantine at gunpoint. A small town in the fields with cult-like behaviour. A remote Anishinaabe community faced with urban refugees. An adjacent land full of misfits. These places three-degrees-from-normal press us to ask questions of our own environment, zero in on the fragility of society, and probe what it means to be a good person in the face of isolation and disintegration. Kevin Chong (The Plague), Claudia Dey (Heartbreaker), Waubgeshig Rice (Moon of the Crusted Snow) and Rabindranath Maharaj (Adjacentland) are four deeply imaginative authors who can answer these fascinating queries—and how building fictional worlds can hold a mirror to our own.

Also suitable for grades 10-12.

Friday, October 19 at 10am
Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright Street

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When & Where

Waterfront Theatre
Plenty of tickets
Friday, October 19
10:00 AM