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51. No News is Bad News

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Moderator: Marsha Lederman

Newspapers in Canada keep making their own headlines—and that news isn’t good. Thousands of layoffs and community paper closures in recent years mean the country’s media is a fraction of the size it once was. Celebrated journalist and No News Is Bad News author, Ian Gill, believes this is a problem for our democracy, too. Politicians need to be held accountable and small towns need information. Author and musician Dave Bidini would likely agree, having spent a summer as a guest columnist with the Yellowknifer. The newspaper’s stalwart reporting, and the characters amidst its pages, are lovingly depicted in Midnight Light. They inspired Bidini to launch a monthly community newspaper for Toronto’s West End. These newspaper men examine journalism’s future in an era of fake news and Facebook.

Also suitable for grades10-12.

Friday, October 19 at 10am
Revue Stage, 1601 Johnston Street

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