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53. The Interviews with Mark Medley

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For years, Mark Medley edited The Globe and Mail’s Books section with creativity and wit. Now, as the paper’s Opinions editor, he curates provoking discussions about the subjects most pressing to Canadians. He is ideally placed, then, to lead us through one-on-one interviews with these three stalwart authors. Craig Davidson is loved for his writing and his congenial, insightful conversation. The author of Cataract City opines about his latest work, The Saturday Night Ghost Club. Iain Reid is also a much-loved feature of CanLit. His chilling I’m Thinking of Ending Things is being adapted for Hollywood; his latest, Foe, is equally compelling. Sofka Zinovieff, a British journalist and author with Russian ancestry, has captivated readers with her explosive novel, Putney, about an illicit affair between a teenage girl and older man.

Friday, October 19 at 1pm
Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street

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Performance Works
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Friday, October 19
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