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8. Under Pressure
8. Under Pressure

The Vancouver Writers Fest presents
8. Under Pressure


An illuminating, stigma-busting conversation on why anxiety is a natural part of life, teaching youth how to manage and speak openly about the stress we all experience.

We all experience stress—that sweaty, heart-racing feeling. It’s a natural reaction as old as humanity, and while it may have been useful when we were fighting off lions in the wild, feeling flustered isn’t always so helpful in our daily lives. In this supportive, illuminating conversation, veteran children’s author Tanya Lloyd Kyi shares fascinating facts about the origins of stress; wacky historical experiments in the name of science; and—most importantly—practical ways to stress-bust in everyday life, whether sitting a test, facing a sticky situation with friends or embarking on an unexpected challenge. Underlining the importance of sharing your feelings with others, Under Pressure: The Science of Stress is an essential tool for dealing with the complexity of young lives.

Generously supported by the Rix Family Foundation.

Suitable for grades 6-9.

Tuesday, October 22 at 1:00pm
Revue Stage, 1601 Johnston St

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$20 - Regular
$18 - Members/Seniors
$15 - Youth (under 30)

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