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9. Family Travels
9. Family Travels

Presented by The Vancouver Writers Fest

Mahtab Narsimhan, Esta Spalding

Children love stories with adventure and surprise at every turn. Luckily, that’s what Mahtab Narsimhan and Esta Spalding do best. In Narsimhan’s tale, tag along with Dylan as he joins his best friend on a family vacation to India. Turns out, even on the colourful streets of Mumbai you can’t escape family bickering. Then there are Spalding’s Fitzgerald-Trouts, four loosely related self-reliant siblings living together on a lush tropical island. Though they have no parents to answer to—they sleep in their car, bathe in the ocean, eat fish they catch and fruit they pick—what they really want is a home, the pursuit of which brings them face-to-face with a flood, illegal carnivorous plants and the chance to win an extraordinary prize at a carnival.


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1601 Johnston St.

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Revue Stage
10/17/2017 1:00 PM