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A Very Merry Fringemas
A Very Merry Fringemas

Put down the wrapping paper, peel the tape from your fingers, finish that last sip of cocoa and come on down to Granville Island for A Very Merry Fringemas -  a raucous evening of holiday celebration featuring some of your favourite Fringe performers!

Join Montreal Fringe superstar, recent Vancouver transplant and our prestigious host Al LaFrance as he and his band of merry revellers celebrate the holiday season with a potluck of creativity!  Every artist is going to bring a different flavour of their own expertise to the table so you can enjoy a feast of sketch, storytelling, comedy, dance, and who knows what else!

Jeff Leard (The Jupiter Rebellion), Sydney Hayduk (Village Ax), Mika Laulainen (Wild/Society), Alex Gullason & Carly Pokoradi (The Canada Show), Valerie Cotic (Mars), Devon More (Berlin Waltz), Joylyn Secunda (7 Ways To Die), Megan Phillips (Not Enough). Travis Bernhardt (Chris & Travis), Pippa Mackie (the Progressive Polygamists), and more special guests to be announced!

And join us as we welcome Laura Efron - our new Vancouver Fringe festival director - into the Vancouver Fringe Festival family.  With all this excitement this cabaret won’t be one to miss!