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The Only Animal presents:

June 15 - 24, 2018
Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 3K1

Welcome to the 3rd Annual SLIME conference. Join 100 animals, seven young translators, scientists and suits, and fellow humans and step just slightly in the future... Seated amongst the delegates, you might hear an otter swimming down an aisle, a dolphin whistling at your elbow or a seabird over your shoulder: animals too have something to say. We come together to face an insatiable creature,SLIME, which, like facebookslime or googleslime, is taking over. Ask yourself, “who is coming to save us?” The answer might surprise you….

Commissioned by the Banff Centre, and penned by Bryony Lavery, the acclaimed British playwright of Tony-nominated, Frozen, and developed with award-winning company, The Only Animal

Warnings: Parental discretion advised. It is liberally sprinkled with F-Bombs and frank discussions of sex.